Two sun, Tucson


  • Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
  • Foul fowl foul fowl foul foul foul fowl.
  • Dogs' dogs dog dog Dog Dogs
  • Will Will's will will Will's will?
  • Ewes ewes use use ewes ewes use.
  • Fish fish, at least in the case of Angler fishanglerfish. If the anglerfish's victim is a smaller anglerfish, then fish that fish fish themselves fish: in short, "fish fish fish fish". But the fished anglerfish might themselves fish for yet smaller anglerfish, in which case "fish fish fish fish fish fish". And so on.
  • On the subject of sea creatures, we might suppose that some sting rays are reared by members of their own kind, and therefore, Rays rays raise raise rays rays raise raise.
  • Who polices? The police police. Then, who polices the police? "The police police police police". So, who polices the police police? "Police police police police police police."
  • A a railway conductor, when asked how long will the train stay at the station, answered "From two to two to too sun, tucson, two two" (from 2 minutes to 2 o'clock until 2 minutes past 2 o'clock or 1:58 to 2:02). When asked the same question about a second train that will be at the station for the same period, he answered "From two to two to two two, too". The next day, he was asked the same questions but was less sure about the exact times. His answers were "From two to two to two to two to two two" and "From two to two to two to two to two two, too" (both trains will arrive at some point between 1:58 and 2:00, then will leave at some point between 2:00 and 2:02).Twould and suns, Tucson